“…The ultimate lighting effect.“

Worldwide-connected souls at cinema’s service, building our own stories...while passionately filming others’. 

Mia Films Network’s beginnings are to be located in America 25 years ago. Our project was born as the consequence of an initiative which soon became one of the best production companies on the map, filming everywhere from North America to the Patagonia. 

Today, Mia is offering production services to every company abroad who cares about high quality results with excellent production background. 

Through all these years we have learned the importance of having people involved in our projects who satisfy the highest standards, since this is the key to achieving the greatest goals. Our team has your best interests at heart always.

The optimization of every resource in our hands is our main target. Within the new developing era in communications and media, we have come to realize that expertise and trajectory are the most important ingredients to obtain results worth admiring.

Mia Films Network now is open to provide experience and resources to all Directors and Producers around the globe who care the most for the delightful Seventh Art…Film Making.

Mia Network its at the service of projects for TV commercials and campaigns, feature films, video clips, documentaries,  digital content, story telling, still photography and special events. 

Brands We Have Worked For

Chrysler, Honda, BBVA, Nestle, McDonalds, Grupo Modelo, General Motors, Ford, Marinela, Heineken, All State, Lincoln, Frito Lay, Coca Cola, Nissan, Kia, CPTM, Sony, HSBC, among others.